Bunked Clothing

Bunked Clothing

The Bunked Story...


The Story

We've founded Bunked Clothing to add a new fresh look to clothing and apparel, rather than just the same ol' boring ol' brand named designs on clothes. We've tailored the designs to keep them simple but eye catching. Get Bunked along with us!


Style & Quality

All of Bunked Clothing is made and sourced in Australia... thats right, no sweat shops here. The designs are original and there is never any more than 100 pieces of each design and style made. Meaning if you purchase Bunked you're 1 in 100. 


Bamboo Cotton

A majority of our shirts are made with Bamboo cotton. Since bamboo cotton grows so quickly, it’s an easily renewable resource. It requires just 1/3 of the amount of water that cotton uses with no natural pests. This means that unlike cotton, bamboo can be grown with little to no use of pesticides or herbicides, therefore leaving a very little, if any environmental footprint. Bamboo is an extremely resilient and durable fibre, while at the same time feeling beautifully soft and pleasant to the touch.

Studies have not only found bamboo to be stronger, but to have better moisture wicking properties and better moisture absorption than the more commonplace Western materials, such as cotton and polyester. 


Bunked Clothing has been clinically proven to attract members of the opposite sex, as well as increase dopamine and serotonin (happy hormone) levels in the brain.
— Professor Bunk